Dodecahedron (and snub is back)

Hi y’all. Last week at work I made a dodecahedron out of my magnetic sticks and ball-bearings. Here it is:

Actually, only the blue sticks form a dodecahedron. I had to use all the red, green and yellow ones to stabilise it since it’s made of pentagons, and pentagons aren’t naturally very stable. The thing kept collapsing.

And yes, that’s a snub disphenoid in the background.

Random quote:

Me: “Where are all the good-looking guys?”
M.: “Grooming.”
In the pub last Saturday night


1 Response to “Dodecahedron (and snub is back)”

  1. 1 Faye
    22 April, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Hi Brent, I have a good looking guy, but he’s straight, he’s mine, and I love him.

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