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I love Saturdays free (i.e. no singing), I get so many fun things done and just float on through the day, no pressure, no deadlines. Today I finished two more knitted spheres, so now I have the three primary colours. Here’s a perfectly awful tungsten photo of them:
I’ll take better photos of them tomorrow in more natural light, and put them on Ravelry. I knit these while at Jantine’s house, where I spent the afternoon keeping her company while she’s ill. Her husband Mick cooked us a loverly chicken tikka masala for dinner, and then we ate Tim Tams and watched the New Doctor Who. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my memories of the old Doctor Who were much actually much more believable than the episode I saw tonight, despite the bad 80’s special effects and Daleks and all. But I’m willing to suspend judgment until I’ve seen a few more episodes.
I also have another bone to pick about Holland. Today I bought a new strippenkaart, or “strip card” for the bus. It’s a long cardboard card you buy that has 45 strips on it, and each bus journey you take requires a certain number of strips, so the driver just keeps stamping the card on the appropriate places until you have used up all 45, then it’s time for a new one. Here’s what it looks like:
As you can see it’s pretty long, so you usually fold it twice in two to fit it in your wallet. The card is scored between each strip, supposedly to make it easy to fold. But look at what happens when you try to fold it in half:See? The required fold falls precisely in the middle of strip 13, meaning that the folds provided between the strips are totally useless. So the ends of the card when folded never precisely match up, and you end up with this messy-looking misshapen blob of cardboard in your wallet. I’m sorry, but that is so not me.
Off to church tomorrow, I hope we’re singing something nice and old. Gooooo, Tallis!

Random Quote:

Life is in the details.”
-Saffy, from Absolutely Fabulous