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Not pop music

Since I’ve been sick at home all week, I seem to have been overcome with an irrepressible nostalgic desire to re-live many of the quality moments I shared with my Nintendo over twenty years ago. After having just defeated the evil Dr. Wily in Mega Man (still one tricky bugger),  the “Golden Hammer” music from a game called “Wrecking Crew” suddenly jumped into my head, and I just had to see if it was online somewhere:

Yippee! At the time I thought this music was amazing, and remember ecstatically dancing around the room to it on many occasions (sorry N.). And to be honest I think it’s still one of the best pieces of video game music I know. I especially like the third part, say, from bar 9 onwards if we’re counting in 4/4. That’s when the rhythm section kicks in good and proper and a kind of two-part counterpoint ensues, with the melody in the bass, and the treble offering an arpeggiated motive outlining triads and seventh chords (mmm, inversions. And is that actually Fmaj7 in first inversion, or actually A minor? We may never know.) What I love about that section is that the two melodic parts are so utterly disparate yet complement each other so well, and that funky rhythm section in the background is syncopated against them both, offering its own counterpoint. As a whole I still find the effect quite joyous, don’t you? Why don’t they write music like this anymore?

Plus, I’ve yet to hear a fugue as part of a video game soundtrack. P., perhaps you would allow me to rectify this glaring deficiency in the literature at some point?



3 reasons why most pop music bores me to tears

1. Banal lyric content;
2. Root-position chords;
3. Words that don’t rhyme.

Three strikes, you’re out 🙂