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Golden Gate

Recall, dear reader, one weekend
(Or two) ago, I went to see
In Heidelberg, my dear friend
Maria Pia (or “MP”).
Well, one thing I may not have said
Is that MP is quite well-read,
And keeps her bookcase stacked repletely,
Tastefully, and very neatly.
There, amongst the shelves, I chanced
Upon a book by Vikram Seth,
“The Golden Gate”, that took my breath
Away, for reader, as I glanced
Inside it, there, succinct and terse,
The story was expressed in verse.

“A modern epic!” was my thought,
And so next day MP and I
Went off into the town and sought
An English copy I could buy
(For MP’s book, to my frustration,
Was in Swedish – a translation).
And though in town we had a ball,
We couldn’t find the book at all.
But even though I’d been deprived,
I swore that when I got back home
I’d seek out this elusive tome.
But once in Utrecht I’d arrived
And found my bike (I always doubt it)
I totally forgot about it.

And so imagine my surprise
At standing in my doorway, where
This afternoon, before my eyes,
A package lay upon the stair.
I saw that it was from MP,
Which made me smile gleefully.
I tore it open (couldn’t wait) –
And there it was: The Golden Gate.
I knew that there was nothing for it:
I headed straight for a café,
Got something sweet and read away.
And my opinion? I adore it!
For those who have the time to spend, it’s
Worth the read. I recommend it.

(Thanks MP!)