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Room for rent?

This morning, following my 8th rejection for a mortgage, I can now feel I’m finally pogressing from the denial/anger stage to the sadness/acceptance stage. I guess the advantage is that if the banks think my income is so low (which it isn’t), the housing associations will too! Go subsidised housing!

So (*gulp* swallows pride)… if anyone knows of any accommodation going in Utrecht, please let me know.



Lord of the…what?

Yesterday, while I was out knitting with Jantine (whose brother-in-law’s name was Frodo), I met a man called Gandalf.

All together now: WTF???



The following is a quote from The Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour:

“One of the essential characteristics of a good home is craftsmanship. It seems to me that all human artifacts give off a sort of cultural radiation, depending on how much love and art has gone into their production. A mass-produced article of furniture comes from a high-speed, high-tech factory, using plastics and often working with wood that has been destroyed by chipping and glueing (…) Furniture made by a craftsman, on the other hand, is full of care and made with sympathy for the wood. It will last for generations and be a constant beacon of beauty in the home.”

A beacon of beauty. Right on.