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I – (Piet Paaltjens, Immortellen, 1850-1852)

The moon glides past my window,
Questioning as it goes by:
‘What glistens, O pale singer,
In the corner of thine eye?’

Wert thou not fixed in heaven,
Then ‘Go to hell!’ I’d cry.
For why mine eye doth glisten,
Shall know no creature but I.


De maan glijdt langs de ruiten
En blikt mij vragend aan.
‘Wat moet dat, bleeke zanger, –
In uw ooghoek glinstert een traan?’

Zoo gij de maan niet zelf waart,
‘k Zou zeggen: loop naar de maan. –
Wat mij het oog doet glinstren,
Dat gaat geen schepsel aan.


What a cack

Today, the following fragment was in a Dutch text I was translating:


What if i were to tell you that this was simply Dutch legalese for the “Individual Healthcare Professions Act”? As an English speaker, you just have to wonder which ‘act’ in particular… And what’s more, in Dutch this could also be interpreted as the “Piglet Act”. Wet piglets. I mean, what kind of a language lets this happen? Or rather, which politicians?

Sometimes this language cracks me up. It makes me wanna Wet BIG, man.