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Queen Offensive?

Last night I went to babysit the twelve-year-old again. It was fun, we played Zelda: the Phantom Hourglass together, but I was winning too much and he got upset when I used his own tactics against him. So we went and played a soccer game on the computer so T. could beat me. Then we tried a team game, where you have to obliterate bubbles by shooting clawhooks into the air. But I kept dying, which hindered our progress somewhat.

Then we played chess again, and T. sooooooo kicked my ass. He started this huge offensive with his queen, and managed to take all my good pieces one by one, just picking them off. I ended up with nothing but the king and a knight, so I surrendered. Although it’s not officially in the rules, he made me tip over the king as a sign of my defeat. He also refused to concede that I had won two games last time, and is convinced the score is now 1-1. Well, I guess that means I just need to improve my game.

I discovered a great new knitting project, which I intend to start as soon as I can find some appropriate yarn. I want to make a harpsichord version, with light brown for the ‘black’ keys, and darker brown for the white ones. I’m off to Heidelberg today to visit Maria Pia, so perhaps I’ll check out the yarn store there to see if there’s anything suitable.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back after the weekend, hopefully with yummy yarn for my scarf!

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