First meme

Okay, so here’s my first shot at a meme.

I like to…
Go to Google and type “your name likes to” (eg: “Elizabeth likes to”) and write the first 20 answers that appear:

It’s amazing how in many of these statements, half is right on the money and the other half couldn’t be more wrong…

Brent likes to play video games, watch television and go to action and comedy movies.
Brent likes to
see the storylines pitched simply.
Brent likes to do arts and crafts projects and has a talent in drawing.
Brent likes to skateboard.
Brent likes to pretend he’s gay. (PRETEND?)
Brent likes to dance in his booty shorts.
Brent likes to do everything at the last minute (…)
Brent likes to play paintball and is actively working on obtaining his pilot’s license.
Brent likes to haunt houses among other things.
Brent likes to swim.
Brent likes to read, renovate old houses, and spend time with his wife and daughters.
Read all the techno gobble-d-gook that Brent likes to talk about.
Brent likes to watch “The X-Files,”CSI,” and “Law and Order.”
Brent likes to run cartooning workshops in art galleries.
Brent Likes to pop out of smith grinds.
Brent likes to tell everyone that he picked me up in a bar, since the first place we saw each other after all these years was at McGarvey’s Pub.
Brent likes to ride his bike and birdwatch.
Brent likes to hang out with his disfunctional friend, Hank Yarbo.
Brent likes to race shifter carts, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, well just about anything with an engine, and he doesn’t like to lose.
Brent likes to do customized packages for specific destinations.

Pom, you next?


1 Response to “First meme”

  1. 1 pom
    25 February, 2009 at 11:09 am

    There is nothing I like, apparently. How depressing!

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