How I spent my Sunday morning

This morning I used J.’s new swift to transform my 2-ply Wensleydale yarn into a skein:

I really love this antique swift. Firstly because it looks great, and secondly because it has a funky gear-and-hammer system that tells you when you’ve turned the wheel 100 times: 10 turns of the wheel = 1 turn of the first gear, and 10 turns of the first gear = 1 turn of the second gear, by which time a peg protruding from the second gear will have lifted up a hammer and let it drop again, acting as a sort of alarm  (probably to wake up the spinster who had fallen asleep by that stage, still cranking mechanically). We measured the circumference of the wheel and found it to be 2.34 metres (is this maybe an old unit of measurement?), meaning that once the hammer drops, you have exactly 234 metres of yarn (Arja, blijf je bij de les? :-))

Our calculations revealed that I’d spun around 260 metres, which is surprisingly little for 130 grams of wool at this thickness. My conclusion is that Wensleydale is simply a heavier fibre. In any case, here it is, all wound up and looking divine:

And again, as a scrumptious skein:

Previously I had already spun around 360 metres (100 grams) of this same wool, which is currently lying at home so unfortunately I’m unable to compare it with this one. I was hoping to end up with two skeins of comparable yarn, but given that this skein has less metrage yet more weight than the previous one, I don’t think I’ll be able to use them both for the same project. Alas and alack.

Still, I think it looks beautiful, and it feels lovely. Maybe I’ll dye it!


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