Good fortune

Here’s kind of a funny story. One Sunday after church, one of my fellow tenors asked me if I would mind taking a few pictures of him and his wife in front of the church, because they were putting together some kind of family album and everybody needed to make a contribution. I said sure, no problem.

So we went out to the front of the church and I took a couple of pictures. At this point I did an incredibly Brent-like thing and dropped the camera about a metre and a half onto the hard cobblestones on the church square, after which the camera stopped working. Well, you could tell it really wanted to work, it kept trying to extend the lens and such, but we humans could see that something on the inside had been completely dislodged, and that lens was staying put. Of course I apologized profusely, said I would pay for the repairs/new camera, whichever they wanted to do, and left their presence feeling very stupid but determined not to cry over any spilt milk (easier said than done, but whatever).

So R. sent off the camera to be repaired. This took some time (of course, this is the Netherlands). A few Sundays later, R. came to me and said. “Oh Brent, by the way. The Media Markt called us and said we could come pick up the camera, so we went down there to see them. Happily they presented us with a package and said ‘Here’s your camera!’, but we just looked at each other, turned back to them and said ‘Uh, no, actually this isn’t our camera’. So now we have to wait even longer to see how much the repairs are.” That was fine with me.

On a more recent Sunday, I was again accosted by R., who this time had some good news. Basically it boiled down to the fact that the Media Markt had lost their camera, and had therefore been obliged to refund the purchase price to R. and his wife, who had then simply bought themselves the same camera that I had broken. What’s more, the price of that camera had dropped 10 euros since they bought it. So now they have a new camera, and are 10 euros ahead. Thanks Brent!

Stuff like this never happens to me. And it just proves my theory that insurance is for chumps.

Quote of the day:
Good fortune, like bad, can befall when least expected.”
– From ‘Into the Woods’, by Stephen Sondheim


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